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Design Technologies Company is a corporate design and construction outfit established with a desire to offer a comprehensive, total package services in the field of Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Real Estate Development and Project Planning. It is an indigenous firm that has put together a team of seasoned professionals and technicians who have considerable expertise in both traditional and high technologies. It is registered with the Architectural Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON) with registration number (AFR 405)




We will strive to do good to our clients, carefully ensuring excellence in the design and execution of any project while promoting the highest standards of professionalism.


We will constantly work to serve our clients with honestly and steadfast adherence to strict moral and ethical codes.


Our timely delivery culture will confirm and mirror the reliance and confidence entrusted to us by our clients.

Value Creation

We will enhance value by working closely with our client to significantly articulate, build and implement their desires.

Cost Effectiveness

We will surpass our customer's expectations. Through total commitment to the design and development of briefs to offer cost effective projects.

'Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design'

- Charles Eames